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  • Our Sweet Cause

    Sweet Nectar Society is an organization that brings together a network of professional photographers to capture the hope, courage, and strength of children undergoing treatment for serious illnesses, disabilities and injuries.

    A professional photography session is given to capture the beautiful spirit of each child. The gift of a bound coffee table book as well as the images from the session are presented to each family to ensure these precious memories are forever cherished. Each child's story is featured on our website to inspire viewers with the remarkable hope, courage, and strength shown by our "sweeties".

    The Sweet Nectar Society team has become a voice for childhood illness and disability by joining forces with other charitable organizations to raise awareness and encourage others to make a difference.

Dani & Brenda :: Cerebral Palsy, Developmental Delays, A.D.D./A.D.H.D.

Dani and Brenda are twins that were born at 24 weeks.  Brenda weighed 1.9oz. and Dani weighed 1.10oz. at birth.  Both girls were not expected to live.  Each of the girls face their struggles; using braces to help them walk, wears glasses, attends speech, physical and occupational therapy, and both girls attend a special needs school program.  Dani and Brenda both suffer from COPD which will keep them on steroids for life.

Dani and Brenda’s family participate in the March of Dimes and Hydrocephalus Association Walk to show their support for the girls. For more information on how you can participate please visit the March of Dimes or  Hydrocephalus Association’s websites.

photography by Brittany Wilbur and Erin Erin Pasillas
music licensed by SongFreedom.com ‘Best Friends’

Jayce :: Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML)

Jayce was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia at just 10 months. After several months of colds and breathing problems, and several different trips to the doctor and emergency rooms Jayce was referred to CHCC. They immediately found AML as the cause of his ailments. His treatments included 6 months of intense chemotherapy treatments and he is now at City of Hope and just received his bone marrow transplant.  He will be at the hospital for several months as his body adjusts to this procedure.

Photography by Carrie Anne Miranda
Music licensed by SongFreedom : Extreme, More Than Words

Isia :: Severe Developmental Delays

Isai was bor a healthy little one, but at three weeks old he acquired meningitis. He was hospitalized for two months and then was able to return home to his loving family of Mom, Dad, and sister. He remained home for only one week and needed to return to CHCC for another month and a half. He has been in and out of the hospital most of his life, with some very serious scares…but continues to put a smile on everyone’s face that he comes in contact with! Isai is a student of the Lori Ann Infant Program.

Photography by Erin Pasillas
Music licensed by SongFreedom performed by Evan McHugh


Sophia : Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia

Being told “your child has leukemia” is something no parent is ever prepared for. In November 2011 Sophia went from being an energetic little girl to being sick all of the time. After visiting the doctor for what was thought to be a cold, Sophia’s parents were shocked when doctors broke the news that their daughter had acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Sophia is currently in remission and undergoing maintenance chemotherapy. Her family is thankful for the support from family, their church and for the miracle of modern medicine.



Photography by: Erin Pasillas Photography
usic Licensed by Song Freedom Happy as the Sun – Tyrone Wells

Carma : Astrocytoma (Brain Tumor)

Carma was diagnosed with Astrocytoma in 2012 after many doctors visits and tests to find out what was going on with her little body. She has had to visit both CHCC and CHLA to coordinate with doctors the best treatment options for her care. She has lots of love and support at home with her big sister and two parents who all adore her.

To find out more about Astrocytoma click HERE

Photography by: Carrie Anne Miranda Photography
Music licensed by Song Freedom
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