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  • It is our missions is to provide comfort and love to families of children who are affected by serious illness, disability or injury through our photography and community outreach programs.

    Sweet Nectar Society is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides cost-free photography sessions to children with serious illness, disability, or injury. Children and families can apply or be nominated for a private photo session. Once the application is received, a photographer from our network is assigned to the child and family, and a suitable location is determined according to the child’s abilities—in their home, at the hospital, in a studio or at a specialty location. Clothing is provided for the nominated child as a way to add to the special photo session experience. The priceless images given to each family truly signifies the hope, courage, and strength of their child in a way only photography can capture. Along with a downloadable digital gallery of images, memories are preserved in a beautiful bound album for every recipient. Each child’s journey is shared on www.sweetnectarsociety.org to help raise awareness to childhood illness, disabilities and injury.

    Sweet Nectar Society strives to build a strong community filled with love and support for families we serve. Sweet Nectar Society also encourages viewers to get involved and advocate for families in various ways offered throughout our bios and posts on social media.

Rosie is such a strong young woman who has endured so much in her life.  At age 17 Rosie was diagnosed with clear-cell sarcoma (a rare form of cancer that is seen in much older woman, never teenagers).  Rosie and her family did not settle when doctors told them there was nothing they could do for her.  In the past year she has endured aggressive treatments; chemo therapy, a full hysterectomy at the age of 17, and multiple surgeries.  As of today her diagnosis stands at clear cell carcinoma of the cervix (stage 4 cervical cancer) that has spread to her lungs.   Rosie has completed 12 rounds of chemotherapy and is now going through 30 rounds of radiation, which is done every day.  Rosie will be getting a full scan in May and  her family is praying to get good news.  An additional treatment plan will be determined if scans come back showing little or no improvement.


photography by Brittany Wilbur
music licensed by SongFreedom: One Republic, Good Life


Naima was diagnosed with Rhabdoid Tumor of the kidney (a very aggressive tumor) in December 2012. She had surgery to remove one kidney along with the tumor and has completed 7 of her 10 rounds of chemo. Naima had to stop her chemo treatment due to a fungal infection on her cheek which required significant surgery to remove. Naima will continue appointments with her nephrologist to monitor the damage done to her kidney- caused by the intense treatment.

Naima loves to dance, this girl has moves!  We adored our session with this SWEETIE and pray for health and happiness!  For more information on Rhabdoid Tumor please visit these links:
Dana Farber Cancer Instatute
National Cancer Instatute

photography by Brittany Wilbur & Carrie Anne Miranda
music licensed by SongFreedom.com, Matt White

Milana was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma Tuesday April 16, 2013. She started with back pains, fevers and chills late January early February. She had been in and out of Kaiser doing blood work and testing and she was diagnosed with spots on her lungs so they thought she had Valley Fever, so she was given medication for 15 days. Milana finished the 15 days worth of medication and she went back to the doctor and her mother explained that the medication was giving her nausea, doctors still had not figured out what was going on with Milana and one of the doctors that was treating her was still puzzled and recommended that Milana she should see a pulmonary specialist. The pulmonary specialist examined her neck and felt the swollen Lymph Nodes. The pulmonologist recommended to Milana’s parents to have a Bronchoscopy done, but nothing was found. Three days later Milana and her Dad went back to see another specialist and they recommended to do a biopsy of her lymphnode and take the whole thing out. One week later they did the biopsy of her lymph node and four days after that she was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma. April 23, 2013 she was sent to CHCC to receive her first session of Chemotherapy. Milana is now in remission and hopes to go to college and possibly one day be a nurse to help children going through the same battles that she endured herself!

Photography by: Carrie Anne Miranda

Music Licensed by Song Freedom: Jess Penner – Reach for the Stars

Teagan Rose was born a healthy little girl on May 03, 2009 with no sign of disease other than slightly inverted feet. Weighing in at 8 pounds 11 ounces there was no thought that a genetic defect lay within. At approximately 8 months old she started having difficulty eating and at times full out refused. This was when she had her first visit to Valley Children’s Hospital of Central California. Soon after she had a surgical placation of her diaphragm and went home. Less than a month later she started refusing to eat again and her breathing became labored, thus she returned to the hospital. (Doctors where stumped and could not figure out what was really going on to cause her muscle degeneration. It would be six months before the answer was found.) She then, at 10 months, had a tracheotomy and was placed on permanent Ventilator support. Soon after that she also received a g-tube (button) for direct feeding to the stomach. She then remained at Children’s Hospital until she was 13 months old. Two weeks after she went home the diagnosis was delivered. SMARD type 1 a very rare genetic disorder from the muscular dystrophy family with approximately 60 known patients world wide. From the time she went home at 13 months she did very well and grew at a slow but steady pace but never gaining proper weight. She had never gotten the muscle strength to walk or crawl and was limited by her machines on movement. Then about a year ago she started very randomly getting sick to her stomach and was unable to keep her food down. She had been in and out of the hospital at least monthly until late June of last year at which point she had been a resident of Valley Children’s Hospital. Though the doctors had called in consultation they were unable to find a course of treatment that would be able to give her a longer life without causing more life threatening problems than she already faced. Teagan passed away October 5, 2013 at just 4 years old surrounded by her loving family.


For more information on Teagan’s condition click HERE to read up on SMARD Type 1.

Music provided by Song Freedom: Sara Masterson – Always the Beautiful

Photography by: Carrie Anne Miranda Photography

Christopher was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia on July 9, 2012 after having pain in his back and legs for several weeks followed by fatigue and headaches.  His parents took him to the doctor and tests were done then they got the A.L.L. diagnosis.  Immediately after starting chemotherapy Christopher had an adverse reaction to one of the medications and developed a blood clot in his brain which was thankfully resolved.

We are happy to share that Christopher doing well in treatment and is currently in remission.  Christopher and his family recently enjoyed receiving star treatment during Chis’s Make-A-Wish trip to see a Dallas Cowboys game.  We wish Chris the very best!

Photography by Brittany Wilbur

Music licensed by SongFreedom “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” by Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terreli


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