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  • Our Sweet Cause

    Sweet Nectar Society is an organization that brings together a network of professional photographers to capture the hope, courage, and strength of children undergoing treatment for serious illnesses, disabilities and injuries.

    A professional photography session is given to capture the beautiful spirit of each child. The gift of a bound coffee table book as well as the images from the session are presented to each family to ensure these precious memories are forever cherished. Each child's story is featured on our website to inspire viewers with the remarkable hope, courage, and strength shown by our "sweeties".

    The Sweet Nectar Society team has become a voice for childhood illness and disability by joining forces with other charitable organizations to raise awareness and encourage other to make a difference.

Everett :: Down Syndrome

A sweet reflection from Everett’s momma, Kathleen:

“Our little Everett was born July 7th, 2011, he was 3 days late. The only reason we went to the hospital that day was because Everett hadn’t been very active and we wanted to make sure he was doing ok. A few hours later we were having an emergency c-section because his heart rate was dropping. He didn’t make a sound when they took him out. I didn’t even get to see him before they rushed him off to the NICU. After a few hours a doctor came up to tell us Everett needed to be rushed to the Children’s Hospital to be on a stronger breathing machine. He also told us Everett had some “unique features”. The way his nose looked, how his eyes were a little too far apart, how his ears were a little low. He wouldn’t come out and say it but we knew what it meant, Down syndrome. It took 2 weeks of breathing machines and 4 more weeks working on feeding before we finally got to bring him home. What we’ve really found amazing though since having Everett is the amount of support there is from the Down syndrome community. The future seemed somewhat bleak before we started meeting other parents, going to groups and events and realizing that we’re actually going to have a pretty exciting adventure ahead of us. We can’t wait to see what each new day brings. “ 
Music licensed by Song Freedom :: "Must Be" by Cyra Morgan
Photography by Brittany Wilbur

Destine :: Inoperable Brain Tumor

Destine is a beautiful 9-year old girl with a lot of spirit and heart. Destine has an inoperable cancerous brain tumor and she has endured nearly 100 different surgeries. Destiny is such an amazing inspiration to me because regardless of her trials she continues to maintain a bright and positive outlook on life .  During our session Destine enjoyed time joking and laughing with her two older sisters and her mom. Her family has truly come together and the sisters have formed a strong bond with one another.

Music Licensed by Song Freedom :: Crya Morgan | Hummingbird

Photography by Brittany Wilbur

Lilly :: Short Chain Fatty Acid Oxidation Deficiency

Lilly was born with a rare genetic disorder, SCAD which is short for Short Chain Fatty Acid Oxidation Deficiency. This means that Lilly’s mitochondria cannot use fat as a source of energy to keep her  body’s organ systems functioning properly. This has led to spending half of every year in the hospital due to seizures, feeding intolerance, and illness her body cannot fight off. Lilly also has a cerebral folate deficiency which means her body does not produce enough of the folate neurotransmitter to keep her brain functioning properly, this has caused global developmental delay, autism, movement disorders and seizures. Despite all of her health problems, she has continued to grow, thrive and enjoy life. Lilly is beautiful, happy, and has the sweetest giggle you will ever hear.




To find out more about Lilly's condition check out this informative link:

Photography by: Carrie Anne Miranda
Music licensed by Song Freedom: Beautiful Girl, Beautiful World

Thomas :: Cerebral Palsy

Thomas was born extremely premature :: 25 weeks gestation and weighing 1 lb. | 12 oz.  At birth Thomas was only given 20% chance of survival but this little fighter gained strength and was able to go home after his 3 months stay at Children’s Hospital. When Tom-Tom was 1 year old he was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy that effects both of his legs and his left arm. Cerebral Palsy does not stop this little miracle from doing all of the things he loves. He is such a bright and inspiring little boy to all who have been involved in his life. Thomas proves each day that he can achieve anything with his determination and his willingness to learn.

Photography by Brittany Wilbur

Music licensed by Song Freedom :: Tyrone Wells | Head Over Heals

Hugo :: Biphenotypic Leukemia

Hugo is battling both A.L.L. (acute Lymphoblastic leukemia) and A.M.L. (acute myeloid leukemia) and desperately needs the help of a bone marrow donor. Hugo’s family has not been found to be a match so he needs an outside donor. If you have not been swabbed for the bone marrow registry,  please consider doing so. It can save a life. It is safe, easy , and all it takes is a simple cheek swab to see if you are a match! Help say Hugo and others just like him. He deserves a chance to live out his childhood, he needs you to do that. You can order a home swab kit at https://www.dkmsamericas.org/register or http://marrow.org/Join/Join_the_Registry.aspx



Photography by: Brittany Wilbur Photography and Carrie Anne Miranda Photography
Music licensed by Song Freedom: This Kind of Love by Sister Hazel
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