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  • It is our missions is to provide comfort and love to families of children who are affected by serious illness, disability or injury through our photography and community outreach programs.

    Sweet Nectar Society is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides cost-free photography sessions to children with serious illness, disability, or injury. Children and families can apply or be nominated for a private photo session. Once the application is received, a photographer from our network is assigned to the child and family, and a suitable location is determined according to the child’s abilities—in their home, at the hospital, in a studio or at a specialty location. Clothing is provided for the nominated child as a way to add to the special photo session experience. The priceless images given to each family truly signifies the hope, courage, and strength of their child in a way only photography can capture. Along with a downloadable digital gallery of images, memories are preserved in a beautiful bound album for every recipient. Each child’s journey is shared on www.sweetnectarsociety.org to help raise awareness to childhood illness, disabilities and injury.

    Sweet Nectar Society strives to build a strong community filled with love and support for families we serve. Sweet Nectar Society also encourages viewers to get involved and advocate for families in various ways offered throughout our bios and posts on social media.

A message from Norah’s mom:

Five months after our second miscarriage, my husband and I received the best and most devastating news of our lives.  We were four months pregnant, however there was something wrong with our baby’s brain. We were sent to a geneticist and at that ultrasound we found out we were having a girl and she had dandy-walker, which meant she was missing her cerebellum and that she also had a large cyst at the base of her brain. Norah was also diagnosed with a heart defect, one of the chambers of her heart was larger than the other and it faced forward instead of to the left.

We were given the option to terminate the pregnancy because many children born with this condition are severely manually and physically handicapped if the child survives. We decided since we had been trying to get pregnant and after loosing 2 previous pregnancies that our baby deserved a fighting chance. As my pregnancy progressed her diagnosis began looking better- more of her brain was developing and her cyst was getting smaller and there were no signs of hydrocephalus.

We were prepared for Norah’s birth, so we thought. We knew what to expect with Dandy Walker and with her heart. At 32 weeks gestation, we were diagnosed with intrauterine growth restriction- she wasn’t gaining weight or growing at all. The decision was made to induce early because it was more safe for her to be out getting medical attention than stay inside. Six hours before induction I went into labor which was 15 hours of a medically hard, distressed labor before meeting “our light” Norah.

Norah was immediately taken to CHCC to begin her journey in the NICU. He official diagnoses are Dandy Walker Variant, Spina Bifida Occulta, Congenital Heart Defect.

Norah is currently doing very well.  She had spinal cord surgery in July to release the tethering due to her spina bifida and she is doing much better with that now! Norah has recently now developed a voiding dysfunction due to her spinal cord issues. We are also now working through a sensory processing delay.

Through this all Norah remains our happy little light.

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Jaelyn has Shaken Baby Syndrome (SBS) which was caused by extreme physical abuse by her birth parents.  Often times SBS is fatal or causes brain damage resulting in lifelong disabilities.   Jaelyn was first seen in the emergency room at 2 weeks of age with four broken ribs. She was sent home only to return less than two months later with traumatic brain injury.  Jaelyn was placed in foster care with an amazing family who made the loving choice to make Jaelyn their own.

Jaelyn was not expected to make it out of her three month stay in the hospital and if she did, she was only given a 5% chance of living in a vegetative state. This miracle child has surpassed all odds and is crawling and able to pull herself up to stand.  Jaelyn had cortical vision impairment but amazingly is now able to track things and make eye contact.

Jaelyn is unable to talk or walk  but that does not stop her from being Jaelyn.  She is a happy, loving child with a heart of gold and is adored by her parents and 3 other adopted siblings.

photography by Brittany Wilbur
music licensed by SongFreedom: Hannah Christianson, A Hundred Hearts

Katelyn was born a healthy and happy baby girl in April 2013.  At a month old Katelyn’s behavior changed drastically and she cried uncontrollably and her mother took her to the doctor. Katelyn’s blood pressure was all over the place, she was no longer crying, and her eyes blankly starred off.  Katelyn was immediately airlifted to Children’s Hospital Central California and she was diagnosed with GBS meningitis.  Her brain was badly damaged and she had endured multiple strokes. After a month of being in the hospital this little sweetie was sent home on hospice care.

For more information on GBS meningitis please visit the following sources:
Neonatal Meningitis  

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Marveya was diagnosed with Metastic Sarcoma and Adreno Cortical Carcinoma on July 26, 2013.  Only 1 in 4 patients with this aggressive disease survive.  She set out on a journey to fight her cancer, accepting every obstacle with a positive outlook and determination to win the battle.  Even though the pain caused her to use a walker or wheelchair she continued to bravely push on each day.
With very heavy hearts we share Marveya’s story in memory of her sweet spirit, kind heart, and an outlook on life that was wise beyond her years.  Please take a moment to show love and support to her loved ones.


Photography by Brittany Wilbur

Music by licensed by SongFreedom.com | Hannah Christianson, A Hundred Hearts

One year old Patricio (Patrick) was diagnosed with stage 4 Neuroblastoma back in September 2013. Since then he has undergone countless procedures to battle his diagnosis. Through it all Patrick continues to be a happy little guy and his family lovingly supports him each day. Patrick’s doctors have a plan for his treatment and high hopes for his prognosis. He is a very brave boy and though he has had many hospital stays and has multiple limitations due to his weakened immune system, yet he still manages to maintain the carefree attitude of a happy toddler boy.


Photography by: Brittany Wilbur

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